The tournament brought the greatest knights from the four corners of the land.  Many wanted to test their mettle and claim the throne.  The youngest just wanted to prove their worth so that the new king, or perhaps one of the mighty lords, would give them a place of honour in their armies. 

            The greatest warriors fought first, spending the day testing each other with lance and sword.  After a long day of mock battle a winner was named.  The crowd followed him, hopeful and expectant.  They approached the stone and sword with reverence, for it had the power to choose their future king.  The champion of the tournament tried to draw the blade, but found that he could not make it budge.  Disgusted with him, another knight shoved him aside to try his hand.  Knight after knight made the attempt, but none could draw the seemingly enchanted blade. 

            A boy drew near when all the knights had left.  He approached slowly, uncertain why he was here at all.  His hand reached out, grasped the hilt, and then the blade slid from its stony sheath into the hand of the one it had been waiting for, making him the legendary hero of tales that would be told for centuries…

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