Not far down the tunnel they found Genevieve, standing in her t-shirt and panties, dripping wet.  She was staring at the exit, for it seemed there was an opening to the other side of the mountain, almost even with its base.  She was standing in the way of the others, so they couldn’t see out, but the light was on her face.  Genevieve was just standing there, eyes wide open, staring.  She seemed oblivious to their presence.

            “Evie, what’s wrong?  Where’s Ethan?”  Neal asked, grabbing her arm to get her attention.

            “DON’T CALL ME EVIE!  NO ONE CALLS ME THAT BUT ETHAN AND GWEN!  DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!”  She turned on him violently, tearing her arm away and screaming at him.  In the close confines of the tunnel it was ear splitting, and seemed to echo into the interior of the mountain.

            “Okay, okay!  I’m sorry, settle down!”  Neal said, trying to placate her.  “Where’s your brother?”

            She looked away, and her eyes took on that same vacant stare.  In a quiet voice, as if she weren’t really there at all, like she was dreaming, she said: “He’s out there.” 

            Neal moved to see past her, and filled his eyes with what lay beyond the mountain.

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