One day Ethan walked along slowly, feeling sorry for himself, while Genevieve and Faith walked ahead of him on the sidewalk, chattering merrily and laughing.  He heard someone call his name, but chose to ignore it, busy with his thoughts.  It was probably just one of the other boys, looking to make fun of him again.

            “Ethan!”  The voice called again, and it wasn’t a boy, but a girl.  He kept walking though, not really interested in speaking to anyone.  That’s when the voice got his attention, by crying out “Gawain!”

            He turned to see Hope, running to catch up.  She waved and then pulled up short in front of him, breathing a little quickly from her sprint.  She gracefully pushed some of the long hair that had fallen in her face over her shoulder.

            “Hi.”  She said, smiling brilliantly at him.  “I thought you might not have heard me.”

            “Sorry.”  He mumbled his apology.  “I was just busy thinking.”

            “Oh?  And how fares the goodly knight, Sir Gawain?”  She curtsied, even though she was wearing pants and had to pretend the dress.

            “I’m okay, I guess…”  He stopped himself, and then stood up straighter.  He bowed nobly. “Forgive me, Lady of the Lake, I seem to have forgotten my manners.  It has been many moons since I have been at court, and it seems in that span of time I have forgotten how to behave towards one of your noble grace and bearing.”

            “Did you memorize those books?” she smiled and came out of character, “You looked like you could use someone to walk with.”

            “Why, of course, dear Lady.  Am I not pledged on the Table of King Arthur to defend his people?”  He bowed again, and offered his arm.  She took it, smiled, and the two of them began to walk.  He began to smile as they chatted, and once she even made him laugh. 

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