Inside, Ethan was still wearing the same smile.  He was sitting in a chair in Lamb’s den, with Dan and Alex flanking him.  Neal, Jason and Owen were seated on the couch directly opposite, while Evan and Lamb were on another couch that was ninety degrees from both of the other seats.

            “We need to talk about this.”  Lamb said.  “Do you have any idea what this means?”

            “Yes, I think something’s incredibly wrong with Ethan…”  Neal began.

            “Jason, what you did tonight was incredible,” Lamb interrupted.  “It has great significance to our work.”

            “What do you mean?”  Jay asked.  He had been staring at his hands thoughtfully and keeping quiet, but now he looked up at their benefactor.

            “I’ve spent the past week getting to know you all, and discovering your many charms and talents.  Evan is a musical genius, most of you are very talented and can support him.  His interest in religious music and your abilities give us a forum for all of your talents to be used together.”

            “How?”  Asked Evan, curious.

            “I sponsor several evangelistic preachers down south, and we have television coverage of their Sunday sermons and the big events they hold.  A real-to-life faith healer would draw major crowds, Jason, and Evan’s band could add to the event.  You all have great interest in the church, don’t you?  Neal and Alex have both confided to me that they have often thought of entering ministry and becoming preachers.  This is your chance, boys!  We could make you world famous, and rich, and all the while you’d be helping the church and making a difference!  What do you say?”  Lamb said.  He spoke persuasively, enticing them with their favourite, private dreams.

            They all looked at each other, thinking as one about the possibilities.  For the moment, they forgot all about Ethan. 

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Bonus Chapter – Zoë’s Phone Call