The phone rang at three o’clock, which meant that it was eight back home.  Genevieve picked it up in the T.V. room, where she, Zoë, Neal and Jay were watching a movie.  The others were rehearsing, and Lamb and Ethan had gone along.

            “Hello?”  She said, getting up from her seat next to Neal to get away from the television.  She went into a corner of the room.

            “Eve, honey?”  Came her mother’s voice, quivering as if she’d been crying.

            “What is it, Mom?  What’s wrong?”  Genevieve answered, alarmed by her mother’s tone.

            “Your father, he called Mr. Kelley this afternoon as soon as he got home.  We haven’t heard from them this week, and we usually get together for bridge or euchre every Friday, so he had planned to call them today or tomorrow anyhow, to see if we were still on.  Their line was down, which he thought was strange, so your father went over there after supper.”

            Her mother’s voice sounded more and more upset the more she talked.  She was speaking quickly, and rambling some, so Genevieve knew that she was agitated.  She could picture her mother in the kitchen on the old rotary phone, ringing her hands the way she did in an emergency, and it actually made her smile despite the sudden disquiet chilling her guts.

            “What happened, Mom?”  She asked, fear beginning to crawl up her spine.  Zoë heard it in her voice from the couch, and had looked away from the movie to her in the corner.

            “The door was unlocked, so he went in.  They were in the kitchen, and there were flies everywhere…”  Her mother’s voice broke for a moment, but she eventually continued.  “Your father called the sheriff, and they’re all over there now.  That’s why I’m calling instead.  He had to answer questions.”

            “Questions?  The sheriff?  What happened, Mom?  Are the Kelleys okay?”  Eve could hear the tears in her mother’s voice, but didn’t notice the ones on her own cheeks.

            “They’re dead.  All three of them, Hope and her parents.  I’m sorry, baby.”  Her mother bawled.

            Genevieve collapsed to the floor sobbing, and Neal and Zoë rushed to her side.

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