Genevieve was sitting with Neal in the front living room with their bags packed around them when the others got back.  Jason and Zoë dragged their bags in not a moment later.               

“We’re leaving.”  She said coldly when Lamb asked her what was going on.  “Now.”

            “But, Genevieve, my dear, I thought you were planning to stay until the first performance?”  Lamb asked, trying to wheedle her into staying with his charm.

            “No.  Now.  Hope went home, all right, and somebody killed her and her parents.  We’re going to be with our families.  Now!”  Her eyes flashed and Lamb waved his hands at her.

            “All right, all right, simmer down.  I’ll get Jasper to load the limo with your things.”  He went out to the car.  The others gathered around her with concern.

            “Are you serious, Hope’s dead?”  Alex asked, flabbergasted. 

            “Eve’s father found them.  Sheriff Mills is trying to piece together what happened, but he’ll probably have to call the Provincial Police or maybe the RCMP.  It’s pretty serious.”  Neal told them.  Genevieve was still sitting beside him, desperate to leave.

            “We’re going home to do what we can.  Everyone’s pretty upset.”  Zoë said.  “But we think that you should all stay and continue with the band thing.  It’s a great opportunity, and Hope would have wanted you to follow your dream.  Right now, we’re needed at home.”

            “Are you coming, Ethan?”  Jay asked, looking at the sombre young man standing somewhat apart from the group.

            “I can’t.”  He said, “Mr. Lamb has asked me to stay on as an assistant, and help him with the behind-the-scenes stuff for the band and at his office.  I won’t find a better  job at home and it could really help pay for school.  I’ll call home, of course, but I should really stay.”

            Genevieve showed no reaction in her stone face, but continued to stare at the door.  In truth, she wasn’t really surprised at Ethan’s decision.  She just wanted to leave.

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