Ethan awoke towards sunset and smiled to himself.  He touched his lips, where it seemed as if he could still feel the last tingling reminder of that kiss.  He whistled a cheerful tune as he unpacked his little camp and started heading after the setting sun, a lighter step in his feet.

            Dreams of the best day of his life were certainly better than the nightmares he had been having.  Once such a dream would have been almost as disturbing as his visions, but he had come to cherish the memories of that summer.  After he went to university he had shied away from reminiscing about Faith, afraid to feel bitter regret.  He had never told his friends or his family about Faith, wanting to keep both the joy and the sadness to himself.  That summer had been theirs and theirs alone, and he had never felt ready to share it with everyone else.

            In the time since, Ethan had learned to accept his loss and saw that summer as a defining turning point in his life, one that put him fully on a path begun in high school.  Faith had been a large part of that change, and he couldn’t look on their relationship as something to regret, no matter how it had ended.  He owed her too much to mourn like that, so instead he looked to those memories for joy and strength whenever he felt the need for rejuvenation.

            He just wished that things had ended differently.

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