Lamb took them into the city in a limousine.  Borrowed bathrobes were fine for an attention-grabbing impromptu television conference, but the group would need clothes.  He dressed them into whatever he could find in his closets that would fit.  His shirts and pants were in some cases a little baggy, but the only real problem was the bulky Daniel.  He had to make do with an unbuttoned shirt and a tropical sarong wrapped around his waist, covering his desert-stained boxers.

            “Anybody laughs, anybody, and I will personally throw you off a building,” he glared at his friends as they got into the car.

            By the time they arrived at Vancouver’s Westfield Mall, Dan had recovered some of his confidence.  He actually walked down the mall corridors flirting and grinning at young women as if he wore the sarong every day.

            “I don’t know how he does that,” Jason whispered.  Evan overheard him.

            “You should see him at school.  He walks down the hall to the bathroom wearing just a towel. Dan believes his pecs are God’s gift to women.”

            “I didn’t know God was that mean,” Genevieve observed.  This set the trio to giggling, but luckily Dan didn’t overhear them.   

            Lamb encouraged them to shop, telling them they could pick out anything they liked.  His one proviso was that they show him what they wanted to wear.  He picked a store, and the young men headed out.  Dan and Alex let out semi-loud cheers of enthusiasm, revelling in Lamb’s generosity.

            Genevieve looked around for Ethan before heading into the women’s section of the store.  He seemed to have vanished into the clothing racks before she could get his attention.  She hadn’t had much opportunity yet to speak with him, and she wondered if he was feeling any better since his spell of unconsciousness on the mountain.

            She took her time deciding on what to buy.  For one thing, there was so much selection.  Bright colours abounded for spring and summer.  For another, Eve was not entirely comfortable with Lamb’s generosity.  What was motivating him?

            Genevieve selected a few light dresses, a pair of jeans and a few tops.  She made her way through the underwear selection, getting what she needed quickly before heading back to where she’d seen Lamb last, near the men’s clothing.

            “Genevieve!  Pssst, hey, Eve, does this look stupid?”

She turned to see who was trying to get her attention.  Alexander was trying on a grotesquely coloured shiny shirt, which she guessed was someone’s idea of nightclub attire.  The designer was likely on drugs or thought clients were stupid, she thought.

“Alex, no!  Try something like this,” she grabbed a few t-shirts and some collared shirts with short sleeves.  Her selections were much less garish.  “I thought you had more sense than that.”

Alex grinned as she helped him tug the shirt over his arms.  “Maybe it was just my way of getting your attention.”

She blushed.  “And why would you want to do that?”

“I don’t know, maybe because…”  Whatever his reason, Genevieve didn’t get to hear it.  Neal called out to the two of them from the next aisle, interrupting Alexander’s words.

“Hey, you two, have you seen Owen come by here?  He swiped my pants while I was looking at this pair of jeans in the mirror.”

Genevieve and Alex walked over to find Neal was wearing a pair of pants that were in a zebra pattern.  Alex tried to hide his laughter behind his hand, but Eve couldn’t help but giggle into his shoulder.

“He dared me to!  It’s not like I intended to buy them.  But until I get the ones Mr. Lamb bought me back, I’m stuck wearing these!”  Neal turned red.

“Dude, just get into a change-room.  I will find you a pair of jeans or something,” Alexander said.  “Eve, see if you can find Owen.  Torture him if you have to.”

Genevieve turned to look for their friends, laughing all the way.

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