All I really remembered about the plane ride to Vancouver was getting aboard with my friends and eventually falling asleep.  Apparently, that’s not all that happened.

            When the storm hit the jet, shaking it from side to side, everyone who was sleeping came awake, and if they didn’t, the screaming woke them.  I had apparently awoken with the others, and stared off into space.  At least, that was how it appeared to Genevieve.  What really happened was that I heard Mara’s voice calling to me, telling me what to do.

            “Ethan, it’s Mara.  Wake up Ethan, wake up,” came first, followed by “You have to get the others to snap out of their panic, get them to focus.  Get their attention and then come to the front of the plane.”

            I stood up as if in a trance, and walked to Jay.  I know this sounds strange, but after I slapped him out of his panic, I thought words at him instead of talking, I told him to follow me.  I walked on to the front of the plane, where Mara waited for me in the guise of a flight attendant.

            As I stood before Mara in the aisle of our jet, she spoke to me.  Her eyes were filled with love, and her very presence was comforting.  My love smiled, touching my cheek.

            “Ethan, you have to get off the plane.  When you get to the cave, you have to follow the path into the mountain and out the other side.  Remember that you have to keep going, no matter what.  I love you.”

            She helped me to exit through the doorway, leaping into the dark night, soaring for a moment like a bird on the hurricane winds that were blowing outside.  For a moment I flew like my hero Superman, and then I fell to earth and all was black.

            When I awoke, everyone else around me was sleeping.  In my trance state, I walked through the cave they had found for shelter and passed by the luggage and slumbering forms of my friends.  My feet led me down the stone pathway carved through the mountain rock, deep into the bowels of the world.  It was pitch black, but the Spirit guided me.  I felt myself splash into cold water, and simply swam across.  I emerged on the other side, soaking wet, my clothes sticking to me and sagging heavily.

            Without error, I found the path again, travelling down, down, down.  A blaze of light eventually hit my face, but I walked through it unflinching, until I reached the egress before me and stepped out into the desert.

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