I think I might like it here.  We just finished a huge party, which the people of the city held in our honour upon our arrival.  I haven’t seen such a celebration in my whole life.  Of course I don’t expect things like that to happen a lot, but what was important was that I saw hope in people for the first time in a long time.  That for once they looked forward to the future.  It was nice to see that again.

            It was startling to walk up to the city itself.  I think this area used to be Manitoba, as we walked across a long flat plain but we’re not that far from the Ontario border I remembered from my journey with Genevieve more than six years ago.  The city brooded on the horizon for a day’s march, and when we got there it was astonishing to see the high walls built from the wreckage of buildings, trees and rocks.  They had constructed towers for archers, and a massive wooden gate on a gear and pulley system.  They looked ready for a siege.  I was reminded of the “Mad Max:  Road Warrior” movies I had watched in my childhood.  More astonishing still was the gathering army.

            Like us, many had come from great distances, carrying only bare necessities and perhaps a weapon.  Farmers who had seen crops burned, husbands who had seen wives raped and murdered, brothers who had lost sisters or seen baby children thrown to the ground, sons avenging their parents.  There was a tent village surrounding the city, as these desperate men camped out waiting for their war.

            I question if it’s even necessary.  This city is well defended, the enemy is far away.  I won’t say anything to Genevieve, who has lived almost seven years in preparation for this moment, but I am tired of seeing people die.  She keeps saying that it’s the right thing to do, that someone has to fight back against their evil, and that Ethan would do the same.  I sometimes wonder.  I know he would fight, I don’t dispute that.  Ethan would take on the world if he thought he was doing the right thing.  But Eve has this zealous need to strike back, I think she wants to kill them.  Ethan might do it, if he had to, but I think he would hate that it was necessary.  I think he would weep over them.  I think Genevieve wants to dance on their graves.

            I spend each night praying.  Praying for her, that God might open her heart.  I pray for Ethan, that he come home safe.  I pray for our soldiers, these brave men who sacrifice their lives for something they believe in.  I even pray for Neal and Evan and Jay and Lamb, who have wandered so far from God that they need Him to find them.  I also pray for myself, that God guide me and give me the strength to do the right thing.

            I just hope He’s listening.

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