No Man an Island features a diverse cast of characters across various time periods.  Here is a definitive list, right now a work in progress.

The Ancients

Raphael’s portrait Raphael:  An archangel in Heaven’s army, overseeing the Seraphim, Raphael has existed since the beginning of Time as a servant of God.  Famous for his friendship with Humanity since the Garden of Eden, Raphael is also known for having defeated the demon Azazel in the desert, a legendary rumble of epic proportions.  He marries a human woman named Hannah before the dawn of history, and together they have a child, the half-angel Mara.

Michael’s Portrait Michael: The archangel in charge of Heaven’s army, Michael is a serious warrior.  While he plays a minor role in No Man an Island, Raphael has always appreciated his support and brotherhood.

Gambiel:  A Watcher, Gambiel is an angel in the armies of Heaven.

Jeremiah:  A seraphim, this angel helps Raphael raise Mara in Heaven.

Enoch:  The first human to go to Heaven without dying because of his righteousness, Enoch works in the library and befriends Raphael and Mara.

 Mara’s portrait Mara:  The half-human, half-angel daughter of Raphael, Mara was raised in Heaven and experienced discrimination because of her human blood.  Now she has been appointed to watch over Ethan, with the promise that the dichotomy of her nature might soon end.

Raguel:  The archangel in charge of organizing the Heavenly Host, Raguel oversees the rules and regulations of God’s Kingdom.

Azazel:  The ancient demon of Jewish legend, his part in the story thus far seems to be a behind-the-scenes manipulator, egging on lesser demons to torment his angelic enemies.

Astarte’s portrait Astarte:  A fallen angel who serves in Hell’s army, she has been known by many names throughout myths, among them Estre and Astrid.  Seductive, chaotic, and deadly.

The Moderns

Alex’s portrait  Alexander Rothrock:  A step-brother to Jason, and cousin to Neal and Zoe, Alex is the same age as Ethan, Daniel and Evan.  He’s had a crush on Genevieve since high school.  In the Citadel time period, he serves as a general in the army.  In Camelot, he played Lancelot.

Daniel Calhoun:  The biggest member of the group, Daniel is an exercise fanatic, and a womanizer.  The same age as Alex, Ethan and Evan, he met them at school in the first grade.  He serves as a Citadel general in the future.  In Camelot he was Sir Bedivere.

 Ethan’s portrait Ethan Pitney:  The older brother of Genevieve and Gwen, Ethan is the same age as Alex, Dan and Evan.  He brought the group together in the first grade to play Camelot.  In the future, he is sent on a quest for the holy sword.  In Camelot, he was Sir Gawain.

Evan Kimball:  The group’s musician, Evan leads Alex, Daniel and Owen in their band.  Using their musical fame, the group develops a church around Evan’s music and Jason’s healing abilities.  In the future, he is the Minister of Finance in the Citadel hierarchy.  He serves as Sir Tristan in Camelot.

Faith’s portrait Faith Sheridan:  Cousin to Hope Kelley, Faith bonds with the half-angel Mara to date Ethan the summer before university.

 Genevieve’s portrait Genevieve Pitney:  Ethan’s younger sister by one year, and called “Eve” by her friends, Genevieve is Gwen’s older sister, and marries Neal Osborne in the future.  As a child, she plays Queen Guinivere in Camelot.

Gwen’s portrait Gwendolyn Pitney:  The younger sister of Ethan and Genevieve, Gwen is the self-appointed historian of the future, taking care of Ethan’s journals while writing about her own experiences.

Hope Kelly:  The same age as Neal, and best friends with Zoe, Hope was part of the Camelot game.

Jason Shelagh:  Alexander Rothrock’s step-brother, he discovers he has the ability to heal people with a touch after they return from the mountain after a plane crash.  In the future he is responsible for the church services at the Citadel.  He plays Sir Galahad in the Camelot game.

Neal’s portrait Neal Osborne:  The leader of the group, Neal is Alex’s cousin, Zoe’s brother, and marries Genevieve in the future.  He’s the self-declared King of the Citadel in that time period, and is King Arthur in Camelot.

Owen Truman:  The same age as Neal, and his best friend, Owen is his right-hand in all things, including the Citadel government.  Reflecting this role, he plays Arthur’s foster brother Sir Kay in Camelot.

Simon Lamb:  One of the richest men alive, with oil, industrial, and media interests, Simon meets the group after they survive a plane crash, and helps them establish the church that eventually becomes the Citadel government.

Zoe Osborne:  Neal’s older sister, cousin to Alex, and best friends with Hope.  Zoe establishes the Citadel community’s school.  In Camelot she plays Arthur’s sister, Morgan le Fay.

And here is a flow chart organizing the links between some characters, I apologize if it sucks.  I don’t really “think” in flow charts.  Click the image below.  Hope it’s helpful.

Character Tree