Contrary to popular belief, Gavin Williams is not a mental patient escaped from the asylum.  Maybe he should be, but that never actually happened.  It’s not even that popular a belief.

 What he is right now, is a husband and a father.  He’s also trying to be a writer in his spare time.  He won’t talk about his job because it doesn’t pay him enough to include the free advertising. 

 He has a B.A. in English from the Glendon campus of York University, which is ironic because Glendon is York’s French campus.  He has half a master’s degree in theology from Emmanuel College, part of Victoria College in the Toronto School of Theology, at the University of Toronto.  He was never sure why so many names had to be layered on top of one degree, but that question became irrelevant when he left.

One of Gavin’s friends described him this way at Glendon:  “You’re spiritual, not religious.”  Because of that fine distinction, he realized that one master’s degree from four bureaucratic layers of one school was kind of absurd, especially when he discovered that religious organizations have little to do with the Spirit.  Right now he has a more universal, rather than denominational, perspective, and embraces science, philosophy, literature, art and music as paths to the divine, while studying the plethora of religions in the world.

Right now, he’s working on getting a master’s in education, to open young minds to the diversity of the world.  So, he’s a husband, a father, a reader, a wanna-be writer and teacher.  He also has a love/hate relationship with eggs.

 I could say more, but Gavin’s a complicated guy and it would take awhile.