There was a dragon.  He reared up from the earth and spread his membranous wings across the sky, blanketing the world in shadow.  His red scales glimmered in the setting sun like rubies, and his roar was as loud as thunder, shaking the world like a mighty earthquake.  His snakelike yellow eyes swivelled from side to side, as if he were searching for something.  The dragon reared back and sucked in his breath, filling his great yellow belly with air.  He then let out a searing blaze of fire that scorched the grass and burnt up all the trees.  The world was on fire.           

Deer and rabbits ran from the blaze, trying to escape the forest fires.  The animals were all swallowed in the flames, barbecued and turned to ash as they tried to escape.  Above the fire rose two birds, a single white dove and a lone hawk, circling high above the smoke.  The dragon flew after them, his mighty jaws snapping at their tails. They managed to evade him, flitting and floating just out of reach, until he made a mighty lunge and swallowed them whole.

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