Genevieve was just about to go downstairs, dressed in a white bathrobe, when Jason grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into one to the guestrooms. 

            “What is it, Jay?”  She asked, startled.

            “Did you dream?”  He asked her fervently, a strange look in his eyes.

            “What?”  She asked, confused.

            “Did you dream?  On the mountain, do you remember dreaming?”  Jason seemed nervous, as if the answer was very important to him.

            “I think so…  What does it matter?  We’re safe now.”  She tried to move away, but he took her arm again.

            “Are we?  Are we safe?  What did you dream, Eve?”

            Her eyes swivelled from side to side, as she sought to remember something fleeting, hiding in the dark recesses of her mind.  It made her afraid to look there.

            “I don’t know, I can’t see it…”  She said, trying to dispel the fear.

            “Try, Genevieve!  It’s important.  Did you dream of anything strange?  A cross?”

            She looked at the ceiling suddenly and her eyes glazed over, as if she were dreaming while awake. 

            “The cross glowed, bright as the sun.  It was in the desert.  There was a man.  A wanderer.” She said, her voice far away and low.

            “Yes, yes!”  Jay said, “And were there birds?”

            “The hawk, and the dove.”

            “Good,” Jason said, and it seemed as if he was relieved to hear her words.  “You saw it too.  I’m not crazy.”

            “But it is crazy, Jay.”  She said suddenly, her eyes and voice back to normal.  “How could we dream the same things?”

            “I don’t think they were dreams.”  Jason said.  “I think that they were visions.”

“Why would you say a crazy thing like that?” Genevieve whispered, but her eyes moved about like a suspicious rabbit hoping to avoid a fox.  Jason could see she knew what he was talking about.

            “We dreamed of the desert.  And right as we came out of that cave, there it was.  Now we’re having the same dreams, but we can’t remember what happened between then and now.  Isn’t that a problem for you?”

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Bonus Chapter – Leader of the Pack