Once Hannah was dressed again, she led me into the house.  Hannah explained that her mother was sleeping, and quietly confided that she feared her mother was becoming ill.  I tried to reassure her, but she told me that it was nothing to fear:  if Mother got well or even died, it was the will of God.  God had His reasons for everything, and Heaven is there to reunite loved ones who lost each other.

            Being an angel, I had to concede that she had a good point.  What she said was obvious to me, but it was surprising to hear it from a mortal.  Ever since Adam and Eve lost the Garden, we angels had been of the opinion that Man was pretty much a lost cause, without the ability to understand the glory of God’s grace.  Yet Hannah constantly showed unwavering faith: to her every single event in life was God’s will and therefore right, no matter how sad.

            We got breakfast quietly, hoping to avoid disturbing her mother, but she must have awoken on her own, for she called for Hannah.  She rushed immediately to her parents’ bedroom, ever the dutiful daughter.  I followed behind slowly, unsure if I should enter the room or not.

            Hannah decided for me, for she came out of the room to grab my arm and usher me in.

            “She wants to meet you,” Hannah said, evidently having informed her mother of my presence.  “Come say hello.”

            I walked into the darkened room and approached the handcrafted bed and the small figure in it.  She was visibly aging and tired, but she still smiled when she saw me.

            “Oh my, Hannah, he’s beautiful.  Like an angel…” She said weakly.  Hannah and I shared a conspiratorial smile at her mother’s words, for they had innocently remarked upon what I truly was.  Of course she didn’t know that, but it was still amusing to hear.

            “Such lovely hair, like gold…” Her mother continued.  “Come here, young man, so I can see you better.”

            I knelt at her bedside obediently.  She gestured for me to come close, and whispered so that only I could hear:  “I know why you’ve come.  You’re here for Hannah.  Take good care of her.”

            “I’m not taking her anywhere, good lady.  I have come only to offer myself.”

            “I know, son.  I saw you…” She coughed then, spasms cutting off her words.

            “Saw me?  What do you mean?”  I asked quietly, feeling a strange sensation run up and down my spine.  What is it that people say, goose bumps?

            “I saw you…  in a dream…  golden hair and a beautiful face, come for her…  it is God’s will.  You are meant for each other…” She stared directly into my eyes, her hand on my arm.  She spoke with great insistence:  “You must take care of her.”

            “I promise to love Hannah with all my heart and do my best for her.”  I vowed.

            “No!  Not just Hannah…  soon, there will be a daughter…” And with those prophetic words spoken, Hannah’s mother leaned back in her bed and fell asleep, a look of relief and joy on her face.

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