One of the greatest shocks was when I saw my summer with Faith.  The visions revealed to me what presaged those events, and somehow I was unsurprised even as it had been entirely unexpected.   Shocked that it happened, but even so, understanding it in the greater framework of the story of my life.

            I saw a winter, the same time as my final year of high school.  A girl appeared in the vision, a girl that I had never seen, yet who was strangely familiar.  Her hair was a short, light red, and her eyes were brown.  There were things about her that reminded me of someone, but who that was, exactly, eluded me for the moment. 

            I recognized her town, just a few kilometres from my own.  Even though the vision was of a nighttime scene, I saw landmarks that were familiar.  She was in a van, driving home from a party with friends.  Coming down the other side of the road was a speeding car.  The car swerved on black ice, spun off the side of another car and then ran straight into their van, sending them off the road to collide into nearby trees.  The vehicle was full, some died instantly, some were gravely injured.  One of them had the presence of mind to dial 911 on their cellular phone even as they went into unconsciousness.

            I wondered how this had any relevance to me, and then I was startled to find my vision taking me to Heaven, where Gambiel and Raphael were gathered with several angels.  It was tremendously thrilling, to be lifted up past the clouds into a realm of jewelled buildings and marble floors

            “The Lord our God has required me to do a special task,” Raphael was explaining.  “Jeremiah here will be the temporary supervisor of the cherubim and seraphim while I am away.”

            “I have particular Watcher duties that require me to be away as well.”  Gambiel said.  “This concerns me.”

            “You can delegate most of those duties to the others…” Raphael began to suggest.

            “Yes, but what about our ‘special case?’  I don’t know if we can leave that alone.”  Gambiel said, attempting to be clandestine.  I knew he meant Mara and me, and so did Raphael.

            “My daughter is more than capable of taking care of it.  She’s been handling that situation capably for nineteen years.”

            “But never on her own.”  Gambiel said.

            “She does almost all of it on her own!”  Raphael said emphatically.  “We’ve had to intervene only twice.  Ordinarily she works without any kind of supervision.”

            “I know, but I feel uncomfortable not having one of us keeping on eye on the situation…”

            “Mara can handle it.  God trusted her with this mission, so I don’t think either of us needs to question that.”

            With that, I was sent back to the earthly plane, having learned what I was supposed to know, apparently.  For some period of time, she had Watcher duties in my life without anyone else watching over her shoulder.  Just as I was speculating why this had anything to do with the car accident I had seen, I received an answer.

            As soon as I fell asleep back home, Mara left my side for perhaps the first time in my life, and flew directly to the scene of the accident, where emergency crews had arrived in response to the 911 call.  I don’t know how she knew about it, perhaps God communicated with her, perhaps she had a greater awareness of the world.  What matters is that she knew, and went there.

            Mara entered one of the ambulances, hovering over the red-haired girl.  She was having a bad time of it, struggling to live.  The paramedics were losing her.  They got out those electric paddles from the crash cart to attempt to resuscitate her as her pulse flat-lined.  At that moment, Mara descended upon her body, and entered it, the way I had seen demons possess my own body in my childhood.  My “vision perspective” followed her into a physical representation of the spiritual plane she walked on as she entered the girl’s mind.

            I heard the young woman’s thoughts, a panicked “I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying” and Mara’s sweet voice attempting to get her attention and soothe her.  Gradually the litany stopped, and Mara could converse with the girl.

            “Yes, you are dying.  That is not the horrible thing most people make it out to be.  Calm down, it’s going to be all right.”  Mara told her.  “I have a proposition for you.”

            “Who are you?”  The girl said in her mind, hearing a stranger in her thoughts.  In my vision, it was visually represented by an image of the girl, shining brightly in the colour of the full moon, holding herself in fear.  Mara was hovering around her in the same light, and the two of them were surrounded by darkness.

            “I’m a friend.  More specifically, I’m an angel.”  Mara smiled.  “I can save your life, if you want me to.”

            “Why would you do that?”

            “God sent me.  You don’t want to die, correct?”  Mara asked.  “You’re not ready?  If you want to live, I can heal you.  There are only two conditions.”

            “What are they?” The girl asked, curious.

            “First of all, you seriously consider a lifestyle change.  You haven’t been living like you believe in God.”

            “Well, it’s not like I had any reason to believe before.  I didn’t have angels showing up to tell me.”  The girl said caustically.

“Well, you have now.  It’s not like you have an excuse.  I can’t make you have faith, but you could try.  God would like that very much, He misses you.”

            The girl seemed taken aback at these words.  “God what?”

            “He misses you.”  Mara said, her voice tender.  “God worries about everyone who turns from Him.  It’s hard to see that the people you love don’t love you back.”

            “God… loves me?”  The girl’s voice grew quiet.

            “I’m offering you a chance to reunite with that love. To live your life better the second time around.  I will give you your life back, with the hope that you’ll spend your life trying to love God back.  Not many people ever get such an opportunity.  The only other condition I ask is that you let me borrow that life for six months, until September.”

            “Borrow my life?  If I give you six months, I get to live?”  The girl asked.


            “I’ll do it.”

            Mara descended upon the girl’s spiritual form, merging with it in a bright flash of light.

            Back in the ambulance, the girl sucked in a deep breath and let out a great gasp of air, rising against the restraints on her gurney.  The paramedics were stunned as she opened her eyes, for they had been certain they had lost her.

            “Welcome back to the world, young lady.”  One said, when he recovered from his shock.  “Can you tell us your name, so we can contact your family?”

            “I’m Faith Sheridan.” 

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