Exams approached at the end of the semester before the holiday break.  Everyone was studying and working hard.  Except me, it all seemed to come easily to me.  That was more a frustration than a load off my shoulders.  I wanted a challenge.  Going to the gym with Daniel was the closest thing, as I had never really tried to be physically fit before.

            My exams passed by with little fanfare.  Each one was similar to the others:  I’d sit in a different room from our usual classroom, find a desk near the back, finish before anyone else and then wait for someone else to turn theirs in so I could give the teacher mine and leave.  I waited to be second just so I wouldn’t appear too keen.  But honestly, I was just bored. 

            Once my final exam was finished I jumped on a bus and headed for the subway.  I didn’t say goodbye to anyone, and didn’t want to.  I just wanted to get off campus.  I took the Greyhound back home, sleeping on the way.  I couldn’t shake my ongoing feeling of fatigue; it felt like it was in my bones.  Whenever I woke up I would glance outside, and see only the world gone to grey:  December was bleak without snow.

            When I exited the bus terminal there was a definite chill in the air, promising winter’s approach.  I put my hood up and shoved my hands in my jacket pockets, waiting for my ride.  A moment later my uncle’s truck pulled up and I hopped inside.

            “How was school?  Learn anything?”

            I shrugged.  “That parents are shelling out five thousand dollars for their kids to get drunk and flunk out.  Everything else I could learn myself with time and a well stocked library, save myself some money.”

            He laughed, and we drove off.

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