I stood on the glass floor, not even bothering to look at the wreckage downstairs.  Instead, I walked intently around the room, hoping to see whoever had played the music.  The place seemed empty.  I strode towards the bar, the last hiding place.

            Instead of finding an enemy, I found a bomb.          

            I took a closer look and saw a timer attached to what looked like plastic explosives, at least the way it looked in movies.  I had about one minute to get clear.  It seemed like they were wiling to go to great lengths to kill me.  These drones had been mainly a distraction, which explained their overall lack of weaponry.  I didn’t dwell on it, however.  I ran.

            Going downstairs and out the door would take too long.  The hallway would take too long.  I went for the windows.  I didn’t see how I had much choice.  One of the demons had left the building this way; I could see the broken window he had leaped from.  I wasn’t close enough, but I could make my own hole.  I reached a big window and fired my ancient revolver to shatter the glass, leaping out and tumbling to the alley two stories below with a horrifying thud.  I popped my right shoulder and banged up my knee as I landed, the wind knocked from my lungs.

            I didn’t have time to worry about it, beyond being glad I hadn’t broken anything.  I pulled myself to my feet and lumbered down the ally as fast as I could.   I shuffled in an awkward limping run, and made it to the street.  By my best estimates, I had maybe twenty seconds.  I wasn’t going to escape the blast.

            I looked round the street, and was startled to see a familiar limo.  I stumbled forward as the door was kicked open, and Lil gestured at me.

            “Get in, get in, hurry!”

            Not having many alternatives, and still being dizzy from the fall, I got in.  Her driver gunned the engine and we pulled away rapidly.  I watched the explosion from the rear window, as a fireball consumed the club.

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