Now, Reza’s arm swung back as his grip tightened on my windpipe.  I flung my arms open.  The Reaper grinned maliciously, expecting a bloody victory.  Struggling to breathe, I wrapped my arms around his ribs, clasping my hands behind his back.  I manifested my sword of faith, and it erupted into white flaming light.

            It was easy once I figured it out.  I had to see the truth of who I was, accept myself, in spite of my dark side.  Mara had loved me despite my flaws, and so had God.  It was high time I did the same.  My sword revealed truth, and did God’s work.  I had to trust that it would solve this problem.

            The blade instantly pierced through Donovan’s chest and into my own.  We screamed in one voice as the blazing sword tore through our beings and revealed the truth of our natures.  I saw the shadow of the multi-headed hydra beast bellowing in anguish and rage, its necks flailing and writhing in agony.  But the beast was not alone.

            In the blazing light, so bright it burned, I saw that Donovan and I were still attached.  My hands had gone through him, into him, uniting us like conjoined twins.  He still had my face. 

            “Sweet Jesus Christ, save me!”  I cried, horrified.

That face was the last thing I saw before my world ended.

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