I awoke feeling refreshed.  I found myself leaning against the silver bark of the heavenly Tree of Life and I saw Enoch kneeling beside me with a smile on his face. 

            “Feel better?”

            “I guess so.” I said.  “Did I really..?”

            “Yes, you did.” He grinned, helping me to my feet.  “Wasn’t what you expected, was it?”

            “No.” I smiled back.  “Wasn’t anything like it.”

            “I have a favour to ask before you go.” Enoch said.

            “Can you write a record of your experiences?  For the Library.  I’d like to cross-reference them with Raphael’s report, get a first-hand account.”

            “Certainly.  I’m honoured.”

            “Grand!”  He grinned again.

            “Did you say before I go?  Where am I going?”

            “Back, of course.” He chuckled.  “It’s not your time, my boy.  You’re just getting started.”

            And he was right.

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