Genevieve waited with an anxious heart as the phone rang.  She struggled to calm herself.  She was looking forward to talking to her parents, but knew that they must have been tremendously worried.  Genevieve couldn’t imagine what the past few months had been like for them.

            “Hello?”  Came her mother’s sweet, familiar voice over the phone.

            “Mom?”  Genevieve said, tears forming in her eyes, “Mom, it’s me.”

            She heard her mother gasp over the phone, thousands of miles away.

            “Eve?  Oh honey, you’re okay!  Oh, thank God!”  She could hear laughter and relief in her mother’s voice.

            “Yeah, Mom, I’m okay.  Ethan is too.  Did you see us on television?”

            “Yes honey, and I nearly fell over, I was so surprised!  We were so worried, we thought that you were…  Well, you’re fine, so it doesn’t matter now.”  Her mother answered.  “You looked so tan and tired.  Haven’t you been sleeping well?”

            “Yes, it’s just been a long couple of days.”  Genevieve answered.  “How is everyone?  Dad and Gran, Gwen?”

            “They’re all excited.  Gwen especially.  She’ll be bragging at school tomorrow how you were on TV.  When are you coming home?”

            “Soon, I hope.  The police and airline have to talk to us some more about the crash, and there are all the reporters.  I’ll call as soon as we know anything.  I just wanted you to know that we were okay, and to hear your voice.”

            “It’s good to hear yours, too, honey.  Is Ethan there?” 

            “He can’t come to the phone, he’s with the others talking about the conference.  He told me to say hello.”

            “Well, give him our love and tell him to call as soon as he gets the chance.”

            “I will, Mom.  I love you.”

            “I love you, too, Genevieve.”  Her mother said.  “Oh, I almost forgot.  Hope was here.  She stayed a few weeks, and then had to go back to school for exams.  She was worried about the two of you.  She called once she saw you on television.  She wanted me to tell you she was here, and said that you should tell Ethan.”

            “That’s great!  I can’t wait to see her.  I have to go, Mom.  Love you.”

Genevieve handed Evan the telephone.

            “Thanks for waiting.  I know you probably want to call your mom.”

            “No big deal,” he smiled.  “Everyone wants to let their folks know that they’re okay.  I wouldn’t have minded if you talked to your family longer.”

            “I can always call them later.  There are still a lot of reporters waiting, and I think Mr. Lamb wants us to talk to them.”

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