“No Man an Island” is complete.  I wanted to say thank you to all the readers who have visited my story world.  I hope you found it worthwhile.  A big thank you to commenters, I learned a lot from each of you.  A bigger thank you to people who are buying the book on Lulu.com, and who have made donations to support a writer’s creativity.  I am honoured and grateful to all of you.

Now that the story is complete, I’d appreciate anyone who wants to do a review over at Pages Unbound.  I encourage everyone to check out this site for more reading, there are tons of great authors.  If you want more from me, there’s still The Samaritan Project which I will begin new chapters for if there is interest (which means COMMENTS 🙂 ) and The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin.

Because Pages Unbound is getting bigger and bigger, I don’t want to put up “Diggory” too soon, and have it be lost in the shuffle.  I’m going to submit it after about 10 chapters are up.  There are currently four or five.  But, I would like volunteers to do reviews first, so that we can build some momentum.  Anyone interested?  Because the more momentum will equal more fans and comments, which makes me a better writer.  Then you get better stuff to read.  Plus, more fans equals hopefully more donations, which means I can write more often.  It’s win-win-win-win.  I think. 😉  Also, you can always buy a Lulu edition and show support that way.

I’m basically saying, NMAI might be complete, but I’m just getting started.  There’ll be more from me to come, and I hope you all come along for the ride.  It’s been a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.