No Man an Island ended in June.  What a difference half a year can make to a person:  I started “The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin,” my wife gave birth to our third child (it’s a boy!), my daughter started school, my other son started talking, and I started my own website to collect all my stories in one place.  Check it out at if you haven’t been there yet.

I’ve been slowly moving the NMAI archive over there, a section at a time.  That chore is almost complete.  If any of you are still checking this site out, or the RSS feed, anything like that, I’m making an announcement:

Please, please, please review the story at  It’s a listing site where I’m an editor, and worth checking out if you want more stories.  But you can rate the ones you’ve already read, and NMAI could use the exposure.  Plus, for everyone who’s commented, is anyone interested in posting some of their comments over on the new site?  And, if there are no objections, I think I’ll probably start moving them over myself ( a new chore, yay! )  just to fill in the comment section there (it’s a little bare).  Any objections?  You’ve got until the new year. 😛

All the best to everyone during the holidays, thanks for being such awesome readers.  I’m blogging and posting at the new site, but still check in here from time to time.