“I just wanted to say thanks again for inviting me, Neal.”

            Neal Osborne looked over his shoulder at the girl in the backseat.  “You’re welcome, Genevieve.” 

            He returned his eyes to the road, hands at two and ten.  “Though, to be accurate, it wasn’t my idea.  Alexander talked my dad into this trip.  Not that I’m not glad we’re all going.”

            “Because that was believable,” the red-headed young man beside Neal in the passenger seat piped up. 

            “I just think it’s a little presumptuous of him to ask, Owen.  Eight people at once is a lot, when it’s not his cabin.”  Neal steered through highway traffic while talking to his best friend. 

            “Alex has lived with your family since he was fourteen years old.  It’s his cabin.”  Owen Truman looked over his shoulder at Genevieve, “Don’t pay any attention to him.”

            She smiled.  “I don’t mind.  I know I’m only invited because I’m Ethan’s sister.  It’s not a big deal.  I’ve never been to Whistler, so I’m grateful.  Is it as pretty as they say?”

            “Not as pretty as you,” Owen teased.  “But it’s nice.”

            “Owen!” Neal gave his friend an elbow while keeping his eyes on the road.  “She’s Ethan’s little sister.”

            He glanced at the pretty brunette in the backseat briefly, and then continued.

            “Sorry, Owen lacks manners.”

            “He’s not being rude.  I don’t mind.  I’m not that little anymore, Neal.  I’m only two years younger than you are, remember?”

            “So I’d shut up and try not to insult the pretty girl, comrade, unless you think being born in 1979 makes you an old man compared to the kids from the eighties.”  Owen elbowed his friend back.

            “Ooh, what were the seventies like?  Can you tell us about them, grandpa?”  Genevieve giggled.  Neal blushed.

            “I didn’t mean… Never mind.  Shut up, Owen!”

            All three of them laughed.

            “Hey, can we make a pit-stop before Toronto?”  Owen asked.

            “What’s up?”

            “Well, I need to take a leak, and besides, I promised Evan I’d hit a Subway or a Mr. Sub.”

            “Late night snack before the flight?  That’s a pretty good idea,” Genevieve said.

            “Not exactly.  I mean, I’m hungry, but Evan and I are scamming Daniel.  It’s hard to explain.”

            “What do you mean, ‘scamming Daniel?’ What does that have to do with sub sandwiches?” Neal asked.

            “Dan’s not too quick on the uptake sometimes.  Evan just plans to take advantage of that with a few well-timed bets.  Never hurts to improve the odds once in awhile, and I get a cut of the proceeds.”

            “That’s a great way to treat your friends!” Genevieve said, trying not to laugh.

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Bonus Chapter – Different Car, Same Day